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Art cities, beaches, historical and natural itineraries: a fascinating land is waiting for you

Leave your luggage and focus on discovering a land rich in history, art, and wonderful cities overlooking the sea.

Omnia Hotel is strategically positioned for those who want to visit this region with plenty of art cities, beaches, and things to do. From the hotel, you can easily reach Venice, Padua, Jesolo, Treviso, Eraclea, Caorle, and the Brenta Riviera with its exceptional Venetian Villas.











Everybody knows Venice, the Serenissima, a city that must be visited at least once in a lifetime to discover its magic.

From Piazza San Marco, one of Italy’s most famous monumental squares, to Palazzo Ducale, the old Doge’s palace built in Venetian Gothic style; From the Basilica di San Marco with its mosaics and architecture to famous bridges, like (Rialto, degli Scalzi, dell’Accademia, della Costituzione e dei Sospiri) to the Gallerie dell’Accademia, a museum gallery exhibiting works from major artists, including the famous Vitruvian Man by Leonardo.



Treviso enchants whoever comes to visit as it harmoniously combines nature with architecture.

Every visit starts from Piazza dei Signori, the city’s heart and the meeting spot for locals. Palazzo del Podestà, built in the 14th century, and the Torre Civica are historical spaces enlivened by bars, porticos, shops, and old workshops. Calmaggiore is Treviso’s most important street where to go shopping. For those who want to see more, we recommend visiting Isola della Pescheria, a small island connected to the city centre through two bridges, where the fish market takes place every day.



Jesolo is a city with fifteen kilometres of beaches, characteristic docks, and a Blue Flag, one of the world’s most recognised voluntary awards for beaches.

Piazza Mazzini, the city’s heart, is a few steps away from the sea. From 8 pm to 6 am, the main street, via Bafile, turns into Europe’s longest pedestrian island with its 12 km promenade. A living room overflowing with life and energy. From June to September, Jesolo exhibits exceptional sand sculptures in piazza Brescia. Moreover, bike riders can have a ride along the lagoon.



One of the best-known seaside resorts in Veneto offers a lot to tourists and visitors.

Extremely busy during the summer, the city centre is a gem with plenty of things to do, making it ideal for an excursion any time of the year. Some tips? A stroll across the city centre to learn about the history of this fishing village, considered a small Venice. You can also visit the canoni, the fishermen island, the Caorle lagoon, and admire its natural ecosystem. We also recommend going to the nature reserve of Vallecchia and eating fresh fish at the restaurants in the city centre or through the main streets while walking.

Where do you want to start? Our land is waiting for you!

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